Amid covid19 crisis how “YOEE” helping Event Planners in India to bounce back managing events.

Before Covid19 — ( Business was Booming ) The Indian Events industry was expected to cross the 10,000-crore mark by 2021.By the year 2017–18, it had a value of US$ 1 billion.

It was growing at the rate of a 16% CAGR overpowering the Entertainment and Media industry growing at a 11% –13% CAGR.In the coming years it was expected to grow at a rate of 20%.

Current Challenges Covid19 — ( Social Distancing ) Events is all about social gathering and with covid-19 its all about social distancing.

And where the impact is –

- Corporate Companies are focusing work from home for their employees

- Weddings are getting postponed or happening at very small scale

  • Birthday & Anniversary celebrations are muted

Business & Revenue( Covid19 Crisis ) Due to prolonged pandemic event business has suffered 100 % drop in revenue which resulted in closing down many businesses.Event Management Industry especially managed events needs overhaul different thought process to bounce back.

  • COVID19 disruption is lasting longer than expected,so what does this mean for Event Industry ?

The prevailing scenario put everyone in a baffled state of mind.However, it is rightly said, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

Event Industry is a backbone for Indian economy,after all, these unprecedented hours require unmatched patience and solutions and once the covid dust settles you can see managed events will be back in action.

Way Forward — ( From Customer Perspective)

Once the stress on covid cools down celebrations will be back in everyone’s life weather preparing for once wedding or employee engagement at Corporates space or celebrating once personal occasions.

Most of us witnessed during first wave when cases were slowing down managed and life events were back in action.

Once the pandemic starts easing off customers will face huge challenges in finding best and reliable event planners as most of them are out of business.

Way Forward — ( From Event Planners perspective )

Event industry is dominated by unorganised players and amongst them very few event planners are still hanging around for a good fortune.

As the demand for managed events bounce back there will be few challenges for event planners needs to address

  • Client Acquisition — Huge Cash Outflow
  • Technology — Huge Maintenance Cost
  • Online Presence — Huge Spend
  • YOEE a Community Platform Connecting Users and Event Planners

Yoee acts as a bridge between users and event planners.Users who is looking for a celebrations like Weddings,Birthday or Corporate Events and Event planners who is looking for users to manage their events.

All — IN — One Event Platform for Users

Users login and book their event requirements without worrying about the quality of event planners and the cost

  • Wedding Decorations
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Decorations

All — IN — One Community platform for Event Planners

Business Listing — Yoee allows event planners to upload their business profile on Yoee platform,this enables Yoee to display event planner offerings to users on

Users gets wide range of options from finding best event planners at best price.

Buy Leads — Buy leads is a unique lead generation offerings from Yoee to event planners.

Event planners can buy individual leads of users who has event requirements.

This enables every planners to afford without worrying on marketing budget.

Generate Quote — Yoee allows event planners to send event quote to their clients on the move by using generate quote from the dashboard.

Currently YOEE operates in Bangalore,Delhi and Hyderabad with 6800 registered event planners and scaling up to another 8 cities in 6 months.

If users looking for events celebrations can access and for event planners who want to register with yoee platform can register at

Yoee is an event management platform connects users and event planners

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